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All of the documents seemed official, stamped and dated. Matches birth date with other known scammers. Anjela Oleynik alias Anna Galotenko. Anna Zhulina Lugansk, Ukraine. My suspicions had been confirmed.

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Anna Vshivkova Otradovka Russia. Anna Abramova Cheboksary Russia. This is when I started searching the internet and found antiscam. Alina Kiev, speed dating results Ukraine aka Tatiana Ershova.

Anna Chertkova Kramatorsk, Ukraine. Anna Kulygina - Cheboksary, Russia. Anastasiya Sokolowa, Tulun, Russia.

But there is still a lot of them out there, their fake profiles flooding almost online dating sites, including major ones. Of course, one needs to lull the conscience scammers sleep badly, as is well-known. Anna Skornyakova Cheboksary, Russia.

Soviet Unions - How successful are marriages between Russian women and western men? When I told something about me she didn't really react on what I said. She could not wait that long for us to be together. Russian Scammers and Russian Scams Hundreds of Russian scammers according to last name in alphabetical order and detail about the Russian scam. Doesn't exist, using someone else photo, name and address. - Totally Free Russian dating site

Alina Botchkareva Krasnogorsk, Russia. When I tried to send this amount through Western Union, the transfer was not approved. Albina Baranova Chita City, dating Russia.

Mamedova Svetlana and World Travel Agency. After she received this amount to her bank she then asked for an additional amount. Told me she loves me and wants to fly to live with me. After searching pictures I found her photo under a different name and city.

Russian Romance Dating Scam anna

Does it seem like she's not reading your letters? Anna Wolkova Russia, Arsinskiy. Scammer is using the photos of a well known actress Keira Knightley.

Angelika Nikitina Kazan, Russia. Asya Asenova played theatre and pretended to be a victim in Greece. Shohonowa Irina aka Pirogova Irina. In all this one can even see some justice as if a weak one beats a strong one, a poor one wins over a rich one. This is where the previous stories I referred to, pregnancy line up once again.

Aleksandra Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We had a good conversation in the beginning even though sometimes she appeared not to react on Details in my Mailings. On the day she was to fly out, she was detained by Customs, and now required to have dollars in her possession, before they would let her leave. Said that she never has been here in Finland and does not understand anything about the location on Tinder. She had so fallen in love she could not wait a day.

This is another common scam used by Russian scammers. Requests money for passport and visa. Only wanting to pass on the skills her mother taught her. She said that, all documents could be processed and obtained more quickly through a professional travel agency in her city of Velsk.


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The address is mymanforever rambler. As she understood that I will not ever send Money to an unknown she interrupted the contact in an offensive way. The reason could be unpaid household bills or emergency surgery for a family member but it is most likely to be travel and visa expenses. Anna Pogostskaya Tomsk, Russia.

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Let's help the fat cats part with their money! Aleksey Efremov Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. Yes, Anna Zalicheva is the russian scammer! She said that they were taken by a friend. The scammer comes to the crunch, requesting a sum of cash.

Akinshina Tatiana - Lugansk, Ukraine. She replied that the agent has no information to send me. Group of scammers arrested in Russia. Anna Ryndina Cheboksary, Russia. Tarackanova Tarakanova Anna.

You can to add your text of letter from this Russian scammer. In general Russian scammers are not the people on the photos, but someone else pretend to be the person on the photos. There are several fake website masquerading as Russian marriage agencies promising to bring Western men and Russian women together. The clients of online dating agency sites get messages like this regularly. These pages also include scammers from the Ukraine and other former Soviet countries involved in dating fraud.

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  1. Finally her retired father was able to get a portion of the cost to fly to America.
  2. Awdeeva Elena - Gryazovets, Russia.
  3. Zaripova Maria aka Lutzgina Maria.

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  • Al'fiya Mukhametsadykova Zvenigovo, Russia.
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