Joong ki and sunny dating, song joong ki dating sunny more stories on song joong ki

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Also, I keep going back to my thoughts a out his family. As her fans, try to learn to reflect and who knows, it might earn unni a good karma. You should preach somewhere else instead. Good looking and a influential background.

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Song joong ki dating sunny more stories on song joong ki

Doing it would be a bit stupid. She is his first and last girlfriend. Another example is that our Mo Yeon just lived with her mother, ayi dating delete like our real Kyo. While jk said he could meet her other half if he wanted to. His image of being good boy went down the drain.

Then men make actions back, they call police and all stuff. Take it for what you will. You do not even know how to click a reply. Fans went crazy over their story and apparently want them to actually date in real life.

Well, after all he is just human and like us fell in love with my Hye Kyo. So basically I wanted to say, I am seriously in withdrawal mode of this couple. It feels so real, it is real or am I really a pervy person? He has every right to keep whatever happened private and not share it with the public.

Take time to heal too emotionally, mentally and physically too. He was able to proceed to the finals, and that lead him to fame as an actor. Did he slip in saying that? Either that or he was being fake-ass all these years. And accrdg to the recent news them living apart in september is just a rumor they started living apart may a source close to Sjk stated.

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Hye Kyo has confirmed that the writer-nim has adapted some details in the script matching her life and Ki's too. Pointing you out is the least I can do to let others see how pathetic you are. This show that he has strategically planned this in advance in order to make his ex-lover a loser.

They all received envelopes with an undisclosed amount of money. Your rhetorics are rather dumb. These days when rumors get past us, we tend to make a big fuss about things and it causes others to believe in false information. Thats why he is known as Prince when he debuted. The truth is slowly revealing.

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Which celebrity do you think Sunny dated? After reading this article, there are netizens out there who are suspicious about sunny dating joong ki. Wow, dating is considered scandalous? But asking personal questions is inappropriate, intimidating and very rude.

Paste as plain text instead. Might be you stated about their status as a celebrity being different? This couple is probably not on speaking terms anymore.

We are supposed to be virginal all the way with no previous dating experience? Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. This just proves the rich, powerful and famous are more important than the plebs, especially entertainment world. Rather than falling in love with each other, rockabilly Song Song fell in love with their drama characters.

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  • Its a realistic opinion and fact thats not derived or influenced from a fan point of view.
  • And only serves to escalate existing situations most times.
  • Do you still think its about making babies?
  • He admitted to having dated four girls, but has insisted that no one of them was a celebrity.
Gary talks about his love line with Song Ji Hyo in Running Man

Park bogum is the real victim, hope this scandal wont ruined his reputation. Let them be and they'll announce things when they're ready! Song Jong Ki seems to be a jerk after this.

My wish for them is to part in a good way. We will be dissapoint if we are. So it was not a big surprise neither. Even if shk is at fault the intention to media play, play the victim card and get symphathy from people is so obvious. Its very strange the way he went about to get the divorce and how everyone in his family is reacting.

Imagine loving the person deeply and only to be betrayed like this. Her agnensy was planning to release fake rumors about sjk. He is looking forward to future projects, especially with her, his partner-in-crime. Of course their families and friends are picking sides, that is what happens in a divorce.

Advertisement Although they didn't reveal their relationship right away to the public, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo didn't hide their romance. Song Joong Ki used Song Hye Kyo for his promotional stunts, he even mentioned that they were aokay on his past interview prior to airing of Arthdal Chronicles and then later on he filed for divorce. No wonder that there are so many rumors surrounding Song Joong Ki. So sunny and the celebrity she's dated before rarely meet up in person since they both have busy schedule.

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Netizens react to Girls Generation Sunny and Seo In Guk dating rumors

This sponsor rumor not first time for her also lee byung hun help her career, korean politician, and giant sponsor in China. All we know is, two adults with massively mismatched in terms of personality rushed into a marriage and regretted it pretty fast. After five years of being in a relationshipthey finally tied the knot in a private, low-key Catholic Church ceremony attended by their close friends and family members in the same month. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Her primary selling point is her partnership with Kang Gary, a rapper and half of the extremely successful duo, LeeSsang.

  1. He may win the battle without saying a word and be clearly seen as the victim in my opinion.
  2. Something extreme must have happen that made him react so aggressively.
  3. Why would she even get married to someone like that.
Netizens react to Girls Generation Sunny and Seo In Guk dating rumors

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More and more that I feel the writer adapt the script into Kikyo couple life. Descendants of the Sun is a project that will require many overseas shoots as well as a large amount of production fee and time. Hes the co ceo of Blossom.

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The year-old singer proved he is a conventional lover. Who cares about his father? While doing the back read, I realized the topic invading personal matter, protecting Hye Kyo has been brought up.

They deserve to be free now, the from each other and from public scrutiny. No grounding or empathy for the skills required. He moved out less than one year after getting married and basically divorced her without discussing with her. How many chances has the media given him to say that? Remember when jk had an interview while still filming nice guy and he was in busan to promote his movie?

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