Dating a rich guy yahoo, dating a rich guy yahoo

He will obviously not allow you to pay when he's so rich. However, there are some undeniable bonuses of being with a man who has money and power. You can marry him here and now because his future along with yours is secured. If you're afraid of the gold digger thing, dating an unhappily married man do whatever it takes in your mind to be sure you're not one.

How to marry a rich guy yahoo answers
  1. It's up to you what you want to do, but you should ask yourself what you really want?
  2. You never get bored with Kimbra Hehe.
  3. If you were married, I presume it would depend on what the Laws are in regards to what State or Country you reside.
  4. Wow, your boyfriend takes you places?

This all seems like alot of work though, pakistani hot dating sites can you suggest what laws i should read into? Someone who loves or someone who is rich? If your seriously unhappy with not being rich and thats all you care about then sure go for the doctor. Hahahaha lmao these girls don dey wise up ooo.

How to marry a rich guy yahoo answers

If you don't enjoy the wining and dining, you can let him know when you'd like to have a more casual date. Is it not the kind of things you like to do? Hey nobody is hating or feeling bitter. Great tastes Won't it be great to be with a guy who can tell the difference between Chanel and Dior.

My family is quite modest and as a result i'm a pretty simple girl to please. He may not be that type of person. As a girl, should I be driving an hour for a first date?


Of course he is trying to impress you. Beside that's the gentlemanly thing to do! You may both like each other but your differences could spring out into something that drives a wedge between you later.

Pointing out your feelings about his money and your lower-middle class status will create an atmosphere you might not want. Two years together is a long time, and it would be reasonbly that the spark is gone and you want to move on, If you like the doctor, sure go out on some dates, have fun. Don't categorize the two of you into status classes. Linda Ikeji is a woman, it is not a taboo for you to make your own money. Happy sunday to you Same to you.

5 Benefits Of Dating A Rich Guy - Romance (7) - Nigeria

How to marry a rich guy yahoo answers

You are a horrible person. Is it normal to feel awkward to date a rich bf? This is so low its just sad even for me. Or are you afraid he's thinking you're a gold digger? Seriously many guys here are broke and they can still buy you a very good ride without bathing an eyelid.

Poor girl dating a rich guy - How to avoid money issues

5 Benefits Of Dating A Rich Guy - Romance (7) - Nairaland

Dating a rich guy yahoo

This thread became so funny. Your mom will be delighted Your family, your mom in particular will be overjoyed with your choice. If you are a girl who likes to shop, you will be on the top of the world. Why are all girl headaches?

I ve been dating this rich guy

Your life becomes simple in so many different ways. Both would be nice to, but chances of that are low. Whats the difference between taking a break and breaking up? Is it selfish of me to dump my boyfriend because he's not rich enough?

I feel weird dating a rich guy

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There are also so many rules of dating a rich man. You've been dating this guy for two years and you say he's a nice guy. Dating a rich man comes at a cost. He may be rich but that doesn't mean he is going to spoil you with gifts, or go on vacation even if that's what some people say he is suppose to do.

If you've found a nice guy that loves you, forget about the fancy stuff. Dating a rich man is part of every girl's dreams. Perhaps the doctor will treat you exactly as you deserve.

However, you should know that until you two get married, and maybe even a bit after that, there are going to be some uncomfortable moments. When ordering at restaurants, make respectful decisions as far as cost, like always order a low or medium priced meal that you actually want, don't hurt yourself. You're still not entitled.

I ve been dating this rich guy

Dating a rich guy yahoo Snappy Tots

Related Questions Is it normal to feel awkward to date a rich bf? If he is that well off, I would hope he has secured his assets. As he has a mortgage though i want him to take the debt of it but i'm not sure how to set this up because he has a really nice place and i'd like to take it if i can.

Some people will likely say you are a gold digger, as that is just a stereotype of a girl dating a wealthy man. People who read the story of King Solomon and his wives in the Christian Bible will understand. Normally I don't sympathize with any if them they use for babalawo suya o. The only thing my bf does is take me to the movies, but I love him since he loves me. If he's worried about that, he'll notice.

Do you feel like that because he is doing such nice things for you, that you owe him something? Here's the thing, everyone says that money makes the world go round blah blah blah. You've probably had bad luck because some of my guy friends are pretty decently looking. Just as it is said that girls don't like broke guys, that's how I also don't like broke girls. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

I feel weird dating a rich guy

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Let's both work smart and make it then we'll both seal a deal Chikenna. So any new arguments for you and i? My day went well, though a bit hectic.

Poor girl dating a rich guy - How to avoid money issues

  • Just visited the site again and decided to say Hello Madam.
  • If you feel like you owe him, try to even the score by doing things for him, whatever you can do.
  • Answer Questions Why are all girl headaches?
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New clothes, exotic vacations, name it and you've got it. Like you said, you could tell him you are a simple girl who is easy to please, and that you just like being with him, and that he doesn't have to do all of this. Don't dump your boyfriend for money, dump him if you don't love him anymore, or simply tired of him. It could confuse him and make him think something is wrong even if it isn't and, mother voice, you don't want to lose him. Related Questions How come every good looking or rich guy I've dated has some major flaw?

When I had more money than all my friends I always paid because I wanted to pay and nobody felt weird, it's just what we did. Always define what you meant by being broke. Even if it's over with the boyfriend, single mums dating sites I wouldn't recommend leaving one man for another. Why would he tell me this?

The non-virgins are second hand, they are loosed, they'v been used and dumped, they have no right to choose a man. Just let him know, you really like him and you are absolutely are not dating him because of his money and he doesn't need to spend money on you to keep you around. You have to be perfect lady, you should dress well all the time, you can never have a had hair day!

What makes you feel uncomfortable about it? You just feel odd out of your familiar elements. You know, there's this terrific guy I'd love to spoil, rca so how about I take us someplace.

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